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True Blue provides three types of awards:

  1. Stock – Awards that are personalized by installing text such as: recipient’s name, title, department, company, achievement. These may be engraved, etched, and/or color-filled.

  2. Customized – Awards that include the personalized text of stock awards, but also includes the installation of images such as a logo, design or other image. The IZED in customized provides a unique look, but at a stock price.

  3. One of A Kind / Custom – Aka: Unique Design – Awards that are currently just an idea, but will perfectly recognize the recipient when brought to life.

True Blue Awards offers a wide range of awards, trophies, deal toys, plaques and other recognition products to fit any occasion and budget.   We can provide nearly any shape and material combination you can imagine.  Our awards are made only with the finest materials to ensure your recipient’s pride in their award. 

Our galleries have hundreds of awards for you to choose from or we can create a unique award that will amaze your recipient.

Here are just of some of the reasons to present an award:

Achievement Awards (Training Graduation Awards, Marketer of the Year, Employee of the Quarter, Volunteer of the Year, Top 20 Club, etc.)

Appreciation Awards (Donation of Time, Outstanding Leadership, Financial Support, Sponsor, etc.)

Financial Transactions / Deal Toys (IPO Commemoration, Mergers, Joint Ventures, Building Completions, etc.)

New Product Launch Commemoration / Acrylic Product Replication

Performance Awards (Employee of the Month, Customer Service Ratings, Highest Quality, Highest
Productivity, Perfect Attendance, Hole-in-One, First Place, Exceeded Production Quota, etc.)

Recognition Awards (Outstanding Effort, Partner/Vendor of the Year, Contest Winners, Donor Awards, etc.)

Safety Awards (One Year of Safe Work Record, 250,000 Safe Miles Driven,  # of Safe Days, XXX# of Units Safely Produced,  etc.)

Sales Goals  (Million Dollar Club, President’s Club, 100% of Quota Club, Territory Sales Increase of 50%,  Winner’s Circle, Achiever’s Club, Diamond Level Award, etc.)

Service Awards / Longevity (100 Pints Donated, 1000 Hour Volunteer, 5 Years of Service, 20 Years of Service, etc.)


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